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"Now, more than ever, we’re all in need of some soul with a message. Enter NOLA-based artist Noelle Tannen who just blessed music lovers everywhere with a new single, “Proof.” The lovely mix of jazz, pysch and soul comes packed with a powerful message, but the effervescent instrumentals and Tannen’s undeniable vocals will have you feeling inspired to tackle your next challenge head on."

- Impose Magazine 

"Noelle Tannen is a spirited woman whose presence seems to encompass a harmony of forces that, in anyone else, might seem at war with one another. But war is something Tannen peacefully obliterates. She has a casual serenity that sets others at ease and an electric crackle that burns to the surface when she performs."



Hailing from Washington Heights, NYC. Born and bred New Yorker Noelle Tannen has been performing since the young age of 3. Raised by a single mom who was also a working musician, her musical endeavors took an early start. 


Noelle's musical path started with singing in several different church choirs throughout the New York metro area. Coming from a family of string players, Noelle began playing classical cello at the age of six, following in her mother's footsteps. She played competitively for years, and studied at The Special Music School of America and Mannes College. 


With her rebellious adolescent nature, Noelle strayed her away from the classical music world eventually. She began writing songs in her teenage years and started singing in rock bands as a way to escape the rigid classical world without putting an end to her passions. After traveling the country with a rock band for a few years, Noelle decided to continue her academic musical studies again, where she attended SUNY Purchase for Studio Composition, where she was able to fuse her love for pop and jazz music with her classical background. 

Noelle is Currently studying at Brooklyn College Conservatory working towards a Masters in Composition. She has studied with Composers such as Du Yun, Joel Thome, Dalit Warshaw. 

In 2020 she premiered works for cello, solo trumpet and is currently focussed on bridging the world indie pop, folk music world with new music. 



In 2016, Noelle Tannen signed to Sunyata Records, an Independent label based in Seattle. Sunyata is run by Barrett Martin, an award-winning writer and drummer best known for his work in several rock bands from Seattle including Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Tuatara, and Walking Papers. She released her second album, Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos, in October 2017 with Sunyata. 

Noelle Music has been described as a sonic force led by a soothing powerhouse. Their sound is a theatrical synthesis of soul, jazz, and a touch of rock and roll. Noelle's eclectic vocal approach defies any single standard; it ranges from delightfully innocent to aggressively ragged. Her band meets the demands of such acoustic versatility, delivering a satisfying oomph of harmonic complexity and rhythmic articulation to support the delivery of a neo-siren’s song. Exploring the tensions that underlie existence, their sound reflects the intensity of living in a modern world.